Have you ever asked yourself, what does my modern house need to be complete?

The answer is pretty simple. Lighting!

And if you think introducing modern lighting in your home is a hard thing to do, then you’re probably wrong.

The modern interior design emphasizes how it is possible to handle and enhance the spaces that are vast, organized and clean. To do so, we need to consider the lighting we can provide to our place, whether it is from a natural source or an artificial one, as lighting is one of the elements that can change how a room feels.

In this article, we will be showing you how natural lighting is used in modern homes. We will also show you the two different artificial light sources that are preferred.

Natural Lighting

Modern Living room with Huge Panoramic Windows for Natural Lighting

As we have mentioned before in our article about the modern style, modern spaces are always open, airy and spacious. One of the reasons why they always feel big and bright is that they value natural lighting.

Natural light is essential for modern home interiors, that’s why they usually feature very large windows.

In most of these homes, the windows are not covered with curtains or blinds or treated in any way. You can only do this if you live in a place with no surrounding buildings, or you don’t mind people peeping through your windows.

If this does not suit your lifestyle due to privacy issues and you mind this extreme plainness, you can use curtains that are streamlined, light and simple to cover the windows that you prefer. You can also use unlined curtains (see-through curtains) so you would still let in the daylight.

Artificial Lighting

The other way used to light a modern house is through artificial lighting. Modern lighting options are limitless. It is one of many things that you can’t go wrong with. Among many modern lamps options, the most popular are:

Floor Lamps

Modern Room with Floor Lamp as a Source of Lighting
You might not only pick them for your need of light but for their ability to turn over any space they settle in.

They are beautiful, they are decorative, and above all, they serve their purpose.

Modern floor lamps are either very sleek in design featuring straight lines, or a little playful with rounded, curved surfaces. You can either choose the ones made of neutral-colored wood for a warm atmosphere or the chrome-plated ones for a more gleamy feel.

Table Lamps

Modern Living Room with Table Lamp as a Source of Lighting
The same features apply to the modern table lamps with a variety of glass bottom options.

You can place them on your bedroom side tables for late night reading or chit chats. You can also use these lamps in a decorative way on a dining room chest, on a corner table in your living room, or on an entry way credenza.

If you want to make your place look more amusing and profound, try mixing different table lamp shapes around the room but stick to a defined color scheme.

Now that you have known the different modern lighting options to start with, we’d like to catch up with you.

Which lighting technique suits your lifestyle the most?

And what changes will you start applying now?

Let us know through your comments below.

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