Are you a fan of the clean, sleek, and simple design?

Do you fancy places with large windows where light becomes the highlight of the story?

If your answer is YES! then the modern interior design can be the perfect fit for you.

The modern design is not for the faint-hearted who like only safe and familiar things. It is for those who have the courage to cut down on their homes furniture to their essential needs and settle down with what makes a house practical and functional.

So, we bet you are probably now wondering, what are the features that make this style attractive?

Functionality and Simplicity

Modern Living Room Furniture with Clean Geometric Lines

“Form follows function” is the main principle associated with the modern interior design. Its quintessences are basic geometric shapes and clean lines in furnishings.

This dictum says that the objects forms are based mainly upon their proposed function, as every clean line drawn delivers a meaning.

Following this principle is what makes the modern design the way it is, simple and clean.

So, this means that when you go picking your modern furniture, make sure that you have a place for every piece you choose and that this item will serve a certain function in your home.

Open Space Plan

Open Space Plan of a Modern Apartment with Opened Living Room and Dinning Room

Modern interiors always feel spacious.

So, if you love the sense of openness and you enjoy the bright, airy spaces, then the open spaces will become your party treats.

It gives you the option to connect your home with what lies outside your large windows. It is also suitable for small areas as it gives the illusion that a room is more spacious than it is in reality.

If you ever get the feel that your modern home is empty and falling apart, arrange your furniture asymmetrically. By doing this, you will make your spaces look neat and will put your rooms together.

Less Decor and Lack of Clutter

Modern Living Room with Minimum Decor

The modern interior design has proved its rejection of cumbersome and excessive ornate items that were lavishly used by the previous styles.

Everything in the modern home should feel smooth and silky, and in return, this will serve the functionality of the style.

Hence, the simplicity of accessories and decor and the minimum use of materials seem legit.

No unnecessary decorations here and there, no piles of stuffed sofa pillows, no throws in every possible place.

Just NO!

Simply, store everything you don’t need out of sight and stick only to what makes your home simple and organized. By this, you will never have to worry about tripping over stuff while walking or having valuable items broken around your house.


Neutral Color Palette

Modern Living Room with Long Sofa and Wood Panel Walls, all in Neutral Colors

In modern interior design, the use of pure and neutral colors is very dominant due to the appearance of industrial materials as metal, glass, and concrete, where everything is either bright and airy or transparent.

This color palette serves the open spaces idea; the whiter you go, the wider your spaces get.

However, you can still bring in warmth while maintaining simplicity by using bold contrasts in decoration items as an abstract wall art, or in single furniture pieces, or even in rugs and throws.

You can also use different textures for the same neutral tone to get a smooth feel. This variety can impulse a different meaning and give the space its desired balance.

Thus, for all the previously mentioned features, if you live a very busy practical life, then the modern style can be your best choice. This style will always make your life much easier and is usually kept clean.

You can read more on this style in our articles about modern furniture and its vibrant colors.

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