What makes the modern furniture beautiful is its easy way of showing its sophistication, how a single furniture piece is so functional and appealing yet simple and effortless. With this style, you will find that furniture pieces are kept to the absolute minimum, and everything is uncluttered and made for a certain function to be served.

Every furniture item is set to have its place in your home without causing all the fuss about where to place it.

Now, let’s see the unique characteristics of the modern furniture.

Clean Lines and Airy Feels

Modern Dining Room with Red Floor, Stone Wall and Airy Feels

The modern furniture is very simple and sleek in design. Every furniture piece is modular of clean lines and smooth surfaces, some of which are polished with gleamy finishes.

It is very uncommon for this streamlined furniture to feature any carved details or ornamentation.

The furniture strongly highlights horizontal and vertical lines with very little or no curves at all.

Apart from the clean lines, the modern upholstered chairs and sofas are often raised on fine legs. By doing this, you will give the space the sense of brightness and airy flow.

Asymmetric Balance

Modern Living Room with Asymmetric Furniture Arrangement
In a modern house interior, where everything might seem a little cold and formal, you might feel lost in an endless organized order, unless you do something about it.

You should apply ways in arranging furniture that will make your rooms achieve the desired balance between being formal and relaxed.

One of the most known methods in arranging modern furniture is the asymmetric arrangement. It can be reached by arranging, for example, one sofa on a side and two chairs on the other side.

This method gives more room for a playful casual space. Through this way, you can balance between the casual placement of your furniture and its well-defined surfaces.

Manufactured Materials

Modern Interior Table and Chairs of Manufactured Materials
The modern style marked the beginning of the industrial revolution and the appearance of new materials. Everything, from the small details to the big furniture pieces, witnessed hints of plastic, plywood, or polished metals.

Most modern furniture pieces are made of wood, whether painted or unpainted or lacquered.

Also, molded plywood and plastic chairs are very common in the modern design.

Lots of different combinations match with this style. You can select furniture pieces of wood with stainless steel or chrome legs. You can also choose between mixes of wood and steel or wood and glass tops for the modern tables and side tables.

For the upholstery, choose subtle and natural materials like linen, leather or natural fibers and make sure to keep things simple and preferably non-patterned.

To know more about the modern style and what makes it different, check out our next articles where you will find great features and inspirations.

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