The thing that makes modern interiors always look clean and fresh is the declutter concept. Everything is neat and put into place. Modern decor should be selected carefully to make your home look unique and distinguished.

Decorations and accessory items add another beautiful dimension to any room, especially modern ones, taking them from cold to warm, adding an extra special dramatic effect to space.

You can use many things as decor items, but in this article, we will show you the three most popular highlights that are used as modern decor.

Artwork Pieces

Modern House with Open Kitchen, Art Work and a Blue Sofa
In your modern house, the primary modern decor element you would want to get is a massive artwork piece.

The artwork is preferred above anything else in a modern interior. It should be as big and as abstract as possible, (bearing in mind its size to room proportion). The simpler and the less detailed the better.

The artwork you choose can form a focal point for any of your rooms. In this case, it will help make any room feel even more organized than it needs to be.

Also, you can choose artworks that complement your existing color palette, or you can go for something totally contrasting that gives extra focus on the artwork.

Abstract Decor Objects

Modern Living room with Big Sofa, Huge Windows and Vases in Abstract Shapes
To serve the declutter idea, you need to avoid stuffing your modern home with so many accessories and decorations.

You should only choose useful decor items that can liven up the room. Some of which are decorative abstract figures, vases, and trays in neutral colors and gleamy surfaces.

You can either use some of them as objects holders, as key, coins, and small plants or display them empty.

Also, you can try for different mixes of sizes, colors, and shapes till you settle with what is practical and minimum.

Shiny Objects

Modern Interior with Reflective Mirror and Chairs with Shiny Legs
Reflective and glossy objects also make a big part of the modern decor.

Mirrors and chrome surfaces extend the space visually, making it larger than it is. There are a lot of chrome options to choose for your home, from small decor items to legs of tables and chairs or stands of floor lamps.

Another thing is glass and transparent objects. You can choose items made of glass in different colors, from glass tables to transparent chairs.

This transparency allows you to see whats beyond, making the space feel larger and less congested.

Having shown you some of the modern decor pieces that can add a new touch, we would like to hear from you in the comments, which items you liked the most and why?

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