Modern house interiors can either feel unwelcoming and formal or friendly and inviting, all depends on how you set your color mood.

There are places with the least of colors but feel the warmest and most attractive, just when done right. While other places can be colorful and bright but are the best heartbreakers.

The beauty of the modern colors is their ability to bring the best of both worlds together into one undeniable masterpiece.

There are lots of colors and contrasts options for modern interiors, but the following are the most popular.
Let’s check them out.

Neutral Colors

Most homes decorated in the modern style use monochromes or neutral colors; shades of black, whites, grays and sometimes include browns and beiges, throughout the home.

We can use these colors on walls, ceilings and even the upholstery of furniture.

While being extensively used everywhere, your eyes might gaze continuously without rest, if everything is of the same material or texture.

However, you can change that by using many textures for the same neutral color palette, that will help the place feel vibrant and lively.

Contrast Colors

Another way to break the repetition and the sometimes overrated neutral color scheme used in your modern house, you can use bold contrasting colors in certain areas that would give an entirely different effect.

These colors can be anything, but preferably primary colors that wont overwhelm the space. You can distribute these accent colors throughout a room and mark them as focal points. By doing this, you will give your eyes time to relax and explore the place.

You have to be cautious of using them in so many spots, as this can contradict with the main modern color idea of the modern style.

You can introduce accent colors through many methods that are both elegant and chic.

Let’s see the most common ones.

Wall Arts

One of the easiest, yet most great ways to bring color into any room is by hanging up an impressive art piece. With modern interior design, it is usually abstract arts that brighten the space.

You can complement the artwork with other small furniture pieces or fabric color.

Pieces of Furniture

Having one statement furniture piece in a different color can bring in a different colorful touch.

It can be any furniture piece you choose, but it is mostly sofas and chairs.


Another great way of bringing color into a room is to paint one wall a contrasting color to emphasize a space or highlight a bookshelf.

It doesnt have to be always paint; it can also be a wallpaper or a different wall material.

Bold Rugs

As beautiful as it sounds, one bright area rug can bring color to any room in a stylish way.

Choose rugs that are bright and cheerful. You can use plain rugs or ones with geometric patterns woven in them.

There are many other ways through which you can bring in modern colors into a room.

Tell us the ones you preferred and whether you have any applied in your house in the comments below!

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