As industrial homes usually have ceilings with an open space plan, a good lighting plan is required to cover all the spots. There are lots of industrial lighting options with different materials and textures that you can choose from.

From vintage industrial lighting with the rustic old feel to the sleek modern steel ones, you can give your space a different mood with every lighting item you pick.

Typical of the industrial style with its exposed fixtures, most light fixtures feature exposed bare bulbs with see-through wire covers or no covers at all.

So, let’s check out the three most used lamp types in most industrial interiors.

Edison Bulbs

Industrial Lighting Edison Bulbs
Edison bulb is an old-world inspired light fixture. It is considered as the signature element of the industrial lighting types. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and filament’s designs.

These bulbs go hand-in-hand with the industrial style for their ability to give a warm, dimmed feeling for any room.

You can use these bulbs individually as a small table Edison lamp, or collectively forming one industrial chandelier.

Even more, you can find different ideas for those bulbs, whether embedded in mechanical parts or hanging freely from wires.

Pendant Lights

Industrial Pendant Lighting
Industrial pendant lighting is one of the many industrial light options that are both functional and aesthetic. It is usually used for focused lighting in industrial kitchens, living rooms and almost anywhere.

When choosing industrial pendant light for your rooms, pick the ones with metal shades that can reflect the industrial appearance.

You can choose the distressed vintage look or the modern steel finish; that will prevent the house from the all-old touches. Both options will work well with the industrial look.

Floor Lamps

Industrial Living Room with Floor Lamp and Brick Wall
Not only used as an industrial lighting item, but the industrial floor lamp is also widely used as a decoration piece.

You can find different options for this lamp style. Whether tripod floor lamps or free-standing ones, with vintage metal shades or with bare bulbs, each has its place and feeling within a space.

You can buy ones in warm neutral colors that go together with the industrial style, and its vintage feels.

Since you have got to know some of the industrial lighting types, we’d like to hear from you.

Which lighting type you preferred? And why?

And will you apply it in your place?

Let us know through your comments.

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