There is a saying that goes: Imperfection is the new perfection, meaning that there is a kind of glamor in imperfect things. This saying doesnt apply only to people but to houses too, industrial houses in particular.

The converted beauties of abandoned big time factories and warehouses.

Places that people left behind and no longer cared about were embraced by others who were the real treasure hunters. Those winners showed us how to live with what we have in hands and to cherish the value of rare finds.

The industrial interior design is about living with the beauty of your true soul, embracing your true qualities, and not having to change in order to adapt.

Industrial houses will never complain for better looks. They are like old people whose wrinkles tell the stories of history and charm; they love being appreciated and accepted the way they are.

So, what beauty qualities lie behind this style?

Open Spaces

Industrial Kitchen and Dining Room in an Open Space Plan

The industrial reclaimed buildings naturally have an open space plan, so why not keep it that way? The industrial interior design is very flexible when it comes to furniture arrangement.

You can choose any space to be any room you want. It does not matter whether you tuck your bed and living furniture in the same area as long as it makes you happy. This large space plan feature gives you the ability to change around your furniture anytime.

However, the spaces should not always be that open. You can use large scale artworks or bookshelves to divide those large areas for a more defined look.

Neutral Rustic Colors

Industrial Table, Chairs and Stairs with Neutral Industrial Colors

As the industrial interior design has evolved from warehouses and industrial premises with so many textures in space, it rarely features any colors.

We can obtain a warm neutral color palette from the exposed walls and the uncovered ceiling works.

Does this mean that you should go all grays, blacks, and browns? Absolutely Not!

You can add your touch of contrast color through a rug or a bunch of pillows to cut the coolness of the all steel theme and to give the place a more vibrant feel.

Rough Unfinished Surfaces

Industrial Room with Unfinished Wall and Rough Floor

One of the many beautiful things that mark an industrial house is rough, unfinished walls. If you luckily have any uncovered brick or concrete walls in your house, then you are half way there.

But if you are from the less fortunate and you want to create this authentic look, install brick wall cladding tiles on some of your walls. You can also install concrete walls that will give you the same effect. You can either paint over them with a neutral color or leave them as is; both ways will look great.

The roughness doesnt stop at the walls; it can also extend to the largest surface of any house, the floor.

Polished concrete floors highly express the industrial interior design, they are rough, they are neutral in color and are also practical. You can also go for wood floor options that fit well with this style.

Visible Exposed Fixtures

Industrial Room with Brick Wall and Metal Ducts

Things that other styles try to cover, the industrial style frankly celebrates.

You can see bare beams, visible air conditioning duct work and water pipes hanging from the ceilings. Also, the buildings structural columns are left exposed and untreated.

You no longer should worry about seeing wires and cords dispersed around your place as this is considered an addition to your industrial look.

It should not disappoint you to find out that todays typical homes will rarely feature any exposed work, you can still add your personalized effect by installing faux ceiling beams. Whether in the same color of the ceiling or a contrasting one, the faux beams will add the desired industrial effect.

And now, let us hear from you in the comments below.

Which industrial style trait you liked the most?

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