Just like all the other things in an industrial house, the furniture also expresses what it takes to complete the industrial effect.

Some of you would visualize the industrial style furniture as the mighty spikes of a desert cactus, with all the harsh textures and materials that wouldn’t be pleasing to anyone to live with, while in fact it is the total opposite.

The industrial furniture manages to put two extremes together: raw and rough finishes with clean and stream lined edges. This eventually gives one-of-a-kind concept that achieves an eye-pleasing aesthetic balance and a humane comfortable feel.

So, what are the features that make the industrial furniture different?

Let’s figure out.

Leather and Raw Unfinished Wood

Industrial Room with Brick Wall and Leather Chair
Most of the industrial pieces, sofas, and chairs and sometimes tables, have leather finishes.

As important as the master scene to a movie, the leather is to the industrial furniture.

Leather fabric is available in all colors, from light taupe to dark brown, and all textures and grains. It needs constant care and maintenance to help it keep its charm.

However, if you don’t prefer leather or you think it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can go for soft upholstered furniture, but pick pieces that show their inner works, as lined sofas with woven threads or nail heads.

As for wood, it is often used as table tops, shelves and sometimes for furniture legs with a more distressed feel.

Steel Here, Steel There, Steel Everywhere

Industrial Office with Metal Table Legs, Metal Chair Legs and Metal Pipes
Nothing is more celebrated in any industrial house than steel.

It is the only material that can be used almost anywhere, steel curtain rods, steel shelves, steel chairs, steel lamps, and last but not least steel furniture legs.

A feature that has spread widely among the industrial furniture pieces is exposed steel legs. Although a bed, coffee tables or benches can be all made of wood or tables that have glass tops, they can still feature sleek steel legs that can be fixed or movable for a flexible furniture use.

Further, you can either bring on steel finishes that are highly glossy if you tend towards a more modern look or re-purposed finishes for a warm vintage touch.

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