You already have the winning lottery ticket to the industrial color scheme once you have opted for an industrial home. It is the prize you get when you choose to live with such style.

You will never face anything as easy as choosing the colors that lead your home around.

You are now possibly asking why is that? The answer is quite simple.

You Already Have the Colors

In an industrial space, color is the natural result of all the materials used in your home. Your leading color palette is already there waiting for you to let it communicate with the rest of the chosen colors.

In most of the new to-be-painted homes, owners keep thinking on which colors to choose, and which color should go where, and it is always the usual hassle. While in your industrial home, half of the effort is saved for you; your existing colors are your starting point, the gray concrete, the red bricks, and the brown wood.

Earthy Tones

Industrial Loft with Brick Wall, Brown Table and Earthy Colors
Earthy colors come from natural things around us: brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun.

Thus earth tone is a color scheme that draws from a color palette of browns, tans, warm grays, and greens. All colors are muted and flat.

In settling on your industrial color scheme, you have the burnt orange color of the exposed brick walls if they are old and distressed, or their red color if you have them freshly installed.

You can also have the cloudy gray color of the concrete walls or the other extreme of the exotic gray from the all steel ductwork and pipes.

Your home can also feature a gray ceiling with a concrete effect.

For your wood flooring, you can choose any of the variations from beiges to browns, which would be a great start off as well.

These tips can give you an earthy color palette for a visually warm space.

Other Neutrals

Industrial Bedroom in White and Grey
Other than browns and grays, the whites and blacks work very well with the industrial style. The key element in the industrial color scheme is all about keeping things to the minimum. This neutral tone will compromise with the extra rawness of this style and prevent you from being overwhelmed by the roughness of the space.

Accent Colors

Industrial Dining Room with Accent Yellow Spiral Stairs
Since you already have a lot of grays and browns with their tones, choose accent colors that can give you a break.

There are lots of colorful vintage dicor items, which show their wear and tear, that you can choose from.

Another way to bring accent colors is by selecting rugs, pillows, and lamps in contrasting colors (in the above picture, the yellow stairs add this colorful touch).

You can also pick artworks and accessories to break the neutral routine.

You can always get creative with many industrial color schemes, but try not to go so wild with your choices as this can cancel the industrial effect that you want to maintain.

Tell us in the comments below if your color scheme already exists or you need to start deciding on it and how!

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