Do you sometimes feel that your home has not been lived in for a while?

That it lacks character and identity?

Do you fantasize a warm-hugger-home at the end of your day and each day?

Do you want to be welcomed with the smell of lavenders and fresh greens?

If you were nodding along the way down, then the farmhouse style is what you have been looking for. The farmhouse style is known for its coziness and heart melting family feels. Everything in a farmhouse, from the bulky furniture and the natural materials to the vintage antiques and the smooth floral fabrics, speak welcome and warmth.

If you love to spend the long rainy nights wrapped up in soft, flawless covers, it is for you. If you ever get nostalgic for your grandma’s old house’s aura, then it is definitely for you.

So, are you ready to step into the world of ultimate comfort of the farmhouse?

Wood, Lots of Wood

Farmhouse style is all about being true and connected to nature. And what communicates nature more than our beautiful “wood.”

Not just any wood! Only pure, and distressed that shows its perfect grains.

Apart from the furniture, doors, floors, and cabinets, wood can be applied to places beyond your imagination, whether to create perfectly laid faux ceiling beams or to contrast a wall with some heavenly planks or even to create your unique set of farmhouse decor items, almost everywhere.

Moreover, you can also paint some of your wood furniture pieces white for a relaxed feel.

Neutral Colors

The same “natural” rule applies to the colors. Natural earthy elements and a neutral color palette, that’s what identifies the farmhouse style. Muted shades of these colors are used almost everywhere; on the walls, the rugs, the curtains and even on the bed-covers. This color scheme makes the house feel connected to the natural environment lying outside.

Still, you can bring it more in by adding contrasts through fresh flowers and all-size plants; they bring a fresh feel and blend well with the soft color scheme.

Open Shelving

It is more of a farmhouse tradition to see open hanging shelves where you can store your things perfectly.

You no longer should worry about memorizing where your cutting boards are, or where you last kept your favorite antiques or located your recipes’ notes, because everything in a farmhouse house is on display.

We are not saying that you must take it all out, but you can just arrange some of your beautiful china plates, some antique jars and other few planters on the open shelves.

This principle of open shelving doesn’t apply to the kitchen only; it can also extend to any area of the house.

Soft Fabrics

By now, we should have all agreed on the beauty and tenderness of farmhouse style.

To complete the angelic look, you should use soft, and elegant fabrics. They can give you a cozy warm morning, or evening.

You can buy wool rugs and heavy bed linens to get the farmhouse ambiance. The fabrics are usually in plain colors, but if you favor patterns, it’s fine. Just stick to muted patterns colors that are closer to nature: yellows, blues, and greens or their shades.

Those are the most outstanding features of farmhouse style: neutral colors, wood, open shelves and everything soft.

If you loved this style, what changes will you make to apply it now? We’d love to hear about them in your comments!

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