Living in a home with the farmhouse style, with all its bright colors and warm furniture, needs good lighting to show its genuine qualities, else all its beauty will be in vain.

You have to deeply consider your farmhouse lighting options, as these choices are what will give a new true meaning to your place.

In this article, we will present the two most commonly used types of the farmhouse lights.


The farmhouse lighting fixtures are as simple as their style. And among the many existent lights, the chandelier is what speaks to it the most.

The farmhouse chandelier will always become the centerpiece of any room you choose to put it in. It has that marvelous ability to set the room’s tone around.

But of course, you can’t just choose any random chandelier to do the job, or can you?

The best that suits the farmhouse style is an exquisite rustic chandelier, which is very simple and basic in form. There are lots of fine materials’ options to choose from as wrought iron and weathered metal. You can either buy chandeliers with lamps or candle chandeliers for a warmer effect.


Another farmhouse lighting option is the lantern.

Like the chandeliers, these farmhouse lights are simple in shape as well. They remind us of the old rustic barn lanterns and their glamorous lighting impact.

Using these lanterns in your farmhouse interior will be like bringing the outside natural atmosphere into your home, and will surely be a welcoming gesture if you use it in your entryway.

You can use the lanterns made from wrought iron or ones made from wood for a more natural effect. You can either hang them solely or fix them in reclaimed wood beams.

Always remember: farmhouse lighting is simple in shape, warm in colors and homely in feel.

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