If there are many people who tend towards the city and its furniture style, there are others who thrive for the country vibes.

And what could better make them live the dream other than the farmhouse furniture?

So, if you ever wondered what it is like to live with the country’s furniture style, and you always die a little more inside when you see pictures but got no clue how to set everything up, then you’ve come to the right place.

Everything about the farmhouse style: its warmth, elegance, and coziness, extends beyond lines to the furniture. You will never feel alone and abandoned if you choose to prosper in the shadows of this style’s beautiful furniture pieces.

In this article, you will see how the farmhouse furniture will gradually turn your house into a dream-like heaven place.

Now, let’s see the charming traits of this style.

Bulky Furniture

To serve the idea of coziness, and welcoming warmth, the farmhouse furniture does whatever it takes to be big and robust. The furniture pieces are bulky with lots of curved soft edges. Large sofas with rolled arms, big chairs, big tables and even big stuffed pillows, all expressing the glowing comfort of the furniture.

As busy as this might seem, there is not much that goes on with the furniture. No complicated details or ornaments and no unnecessary carvings.

By all means, the furniture is very basic in features and as well in colors.

Natural Materials

The farmhouse furniture is made of strong natural wood, either oak or pine, that lasts a life time. It is very uncommon to find this style’s furniture of a short life span.

So, if you felt like jumping on your sofa in embracement, it shall not break!

The fact that something is made of wood does not mean it should be left in its original state, although this is mostly preferred in the farmhouse style. You can still paint over it, stain it or leave it unfinished.

Without a doubt, being natural is not only about the body material, but the upholstery as well. The furniture is all made of natural or handmade fabrics, as cotton, leather, and burlap, that work well with the theme.

All these soft natural materials and cozy warm pieces of furniture would give your home a heavenly feel.

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