If you think that your farmhouse interior had its complete dose of sweetness, then wait till you read this article.

Farmhouse decor is what a lot of people miss to complete their vision about the farmhouse style. It is sentimental, it is charming, it evokes all the family memories you have and takes you way back in time to what felt like only days ago.

So, let’s check out some of the true heart-warming pieces of the farmhouse decor.


A fireplace is the gathering hub of a farmhouse living room and is most likely the focal point of the room. It has all the warmth that takes a farmhouse style to be complete.

If you don’t originally have one in your place, you can simply install an electric fireplace. To further enhance the farmhouse ambiance, you can decorate around it with stone or any natural material.

On the other hand, if you don’t prefer installing one, and just love the way a fireplace looks, you can create your faux fireplace by using a vintage fireplace mantel in a neutral color.

Antique Items and White plates

In a farmhouse decor, moit of the used accessories and decor pieces are vintage and valuable, like your moms old candlesticks set or your grandmas jewelry box.

You can decorate your shelves with these antique items and more. You can use metal baskets, farm symbols, and letters.

Besides antiques, you can also bring in the farmhouse flavor through plates and ceramic items. They are usually in a white color, but you can induce your stylish touch by adding extra items in colors closer to nature, like sky blue, sunny yellow or rose pink.

Remember, everything in WHITE is more than accepted!

Cotton Buds and Plants

Another exceptional way to boost your farmhouse decoration is through cotton buds and plants.

Cotton buds are very smooth and very natural, and this increases the farmhouse mood around the house. When using the cotton buds, you can either display them in vases or creatively make different shapes as cotton wreaths for example.

Cotton buds go well with greens as well. Thus, you can place some fresh plants around them for a double effect.

Having seen the beauties of the farmhouse decor, let us know through your comments:

Which decor item you liked the most?

And will you get it anytime soon?

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