Nothing speaks symmetry, balance, and order more than the classic furniture. It is known for its regular geometric shapes and lines, and its excessive ornate decorations.

Who does not fantasize living more like the ancestors who walked around their homes surrounded by the all luxurious furniture, with the touch of the exquisite inlay details, waking up daily to the smell of freshly carved wood hovering around the place and the feel of sumptuous upholstery fabrics across their skin?

The furniture pieces of the classic style share these features; they are big, elegant, and expensive. The seats are upholstered with natural soft fabrics, and their legs and arms are carved with beautiful motifs which sometimes feature gold inlays.

Sounds good already?

Visual Appeal and Charm

The secret to the visual balance attained in the space of a classic home design is that almost all furniture pieces are symmetrical and are found in pairs.

They are usually arranged around a focal point that emphasizes the energy of the space and complements a harmoniously coordinated look.

You can choose anything to be your focal point, whether it is an expensive framed art or a massive glowing chandelier.

In classic homes, it is the fireplace that usually does most of the work.

Natural Materials and Colors

The classic furniture is all made of natural materials: wood, with a variety of colors and textures. You can select your furniture color palette from light shades of beige to darker tones of brown, with all types of wood grains and finishes.

Do not use cheap or manufactured wood as it will look tasteless and outdated. This unnatural wood will not suit the luxury of the classic style. The wood types most commonly used are oak, walnut, and mahogany.

To sum up, the classic furniture is:

  • Luxurious, elegant, classy and rich.
  • Made of natural colors and materials.
  • Harmonious, balanced and coordinated.
  • Upholstered with high quality natural fabrics.
  • Carved beautifully with nature-inspired designs.

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