Nothing can give your Classic Style home a truly classic feel like harmony, symmetry and natural and high-quality materials.
These principles should apply not only to pieces of furniture and their arrangement but to everything including finishing materials, color palette, decor, and accessories.
While thinking about your classic-style home, it is important to remember that this style, even though it is rich of decor, it does not like congestion. Too many parts and accessories would be inappropriate.
Are you curious to know how to achieve this balance? How to be richly decorated, but not too much so? If yes, read on!
In this article, we will give you the magic recipe that would turn your classic rooms into a luxurious palace.


The most important classic decor item in any classic living room is, of course, the fireplace. It is simply the emblem of luxury and elegance, with which is infused the refined atmosphere of this style.
Your best choice would, of course, be a real fireplace, lined with stone, or white marble.
But, if this is not affordable, you can still consider its imitation or modern bio-fireplaces in the classic portal.

Paintings and Sculptures

Many designers consider that an integral part of the classic style is paintings, whether of landscapes or portraits, as well as bronze and marble sculptures and accessories.
Mirrors, bronze candlesticks and elegant vases are extremely important too. They all enhance the sense of luxury that marks the classic style.

Curtains and Drapers

Rich, adorned curtains always add an extra touch of luxury to a Classic- style room. Besides the thick drapes, there are the delicate, transparent veils and the decorative valances.
Thus, velvet, silk, satin, brocade, and cotton are indispensable attributes.
Accessories like brushes, fringe, decorative cords, and laces would add a further touch of elegance to your curtains. Such accessories can also
adorn things like lampshades, decorative pillows, tablecloths, furniture covers, etc

Carved Decorations and Valuable Wood

In a classic style interior, columns, niches, arches, pilasters, stucco cornices, and gilt are actively used.
The whole interior can also be adorned with carved details from stone, metal or natural wood.
You can also use wallpapers, wood panels, silk fabrics, and tapestries which would all add a touch of classic refinement to your rooms.
Regarding your floors, you had better avoid the standard board or laminate. An excellent choice would either be mosaic parquet made of valuable wood, with abstract compositions of large sizes or floral patterns, or marble in all its classical forms, with designs, patterns and natural shades of stone.

Rich, Pompous Walls

In a Classic Style interior, even the walls need to have a rich, decorative touch about them to give them a pompous look.
In addition to wood, which is often used to cover walls, walls can have other finishes. The first one is fabric, wallpaper or a decorative painting.
No cheap wallpaper or synthetic fabrics. What really matters is the quality and texture, but not the bright color.
Another option would be to design the walls of self-colored expensive pastel colors.

Decorated Ceilings

The final classic decor touch needed to turn your simple rooms into luxurious halls involves, strangely enough, the ceiling!
For classical interiors, especially the living room, a plain, simple ceiling would not fit; there has to be a masterpiece.
To start, we need to realize that a truly classic style involves high ceilings. If the ceilings are low, the entire massive furniture will look not gourmet, but cumbersome. With such low ceilings, a stucco, columns, curtains with lambrequins will create a clumsy feeling.
The most common way to make a masterpiece of your ceiling is either by molding or painting. You can create unrepeatable paintings and carvings, decorations that can be gilded (bronzed) to add an extra touch of luxury.

Having read about these classic decor ideas, if interested to read more about the Classic Style, read our articles on the features of its furniture and its color schemes.

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